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Thursday afternoon reading ...

I imagine as the hot stove league gets going more and more, I will post links on a daily basis. But I've got a few piling up that I wanted to share.

Joe Posnanski, now of USA Today and,writes on his fantastic blog about the Gold Glove awards and who really should have gotten them.

From the post ...

ShortstopAL: J.J. Hardy, 18 runs saved (3rd)NL: Jimmy Rollins, minus-8 runs (30th)Fielding Bible: Brendan Ryan, 27 runs saved (1st)

Well, the agreement had to end somewhere. Two things here, both real flaws with the Gold Glove system in my opinion.

One … Brendan Ryan is, I'm pretty sure, the best defensive player in baseball. Period. All positions. And he can't hit a lick. Both those things. In fact, those things are perfectly in sync … the only way someone could get 470 plate appearances in the big leagues with a .277 on-base percentage and a  .278 slugging percentage is if:

1. He's a former superstar who had fallen off the cliff before managers could adjust and bench him (not Ryan). 2. He's a brilliant young prospect who the team is playing before he's ready to build for the future (not Ryan). 3. He can REALLY play some serious defense.

Yep, that's Ryan. He's an artist at shortstop. He's beautiful to watch play defense. There seems absolutely no way that anyone could miss this. J.J. Hardy is a good defensive shortstop too, but he's Salieri. Ryan is Mozart. Thing is, Ryan plays for a mediocre Seattle team that plays on West Coast time, and he didn't hit, and he didn't win. The Gold Gloves should never, ever miss a defensive player like Brendan Ryan.Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing also looks at Brendan Ryan's defense ...

Dave Cameron of USS Mariner  dissects the pros and cons of building through trades.

Former Mariner Brandon League got a three-year, $22.5 million contract with the Dodgers. I'm absolutely stunned. To use a quote someone once used about Willie Bloomquist's deal with Arizona - "He couldn't gave gotten a better deal if he walked in with an Uzi."

Angels starter Dan Haren expects to be traded by the team. ... the Angels traded Ervin Santana a few days ago.  I would assume they will try to sign Zach Greinke to go with Jered Weaver and CJ Wilson. Speaking of Greinke, the Rangers are also looking into acquiring him.

Pascual Perez, who I remember watching with the Braves when I was a kid, was murdered yesterday in the Dominican Republic.