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A new division and new look for the Astros

The Houston Astros will join the American League West this season. And when they do, they will be wearing the new uniforms. The Astros debuted the new look (above) a few days ago in Houston. They have gone back to the original orange and black colors of the past.

There is some thought is that bad teams do things like change their uniforms frequently. Oh and the Astros have been oh so bad, winning 56 games in 2011 and 55 games in 2012. Maybe this uniform change will get them to at least 60 wins.

Were the last year's Astros' uniforms that bad?

Not really.  But hey, it's a new league. And a new start. A new look couldn't be bad. It's kind of like breaking up with a long time girlfriend/boyfriend. You hit the gym, get some  new clothes and clean yourself and get back out there.

Here's some thoughts from the Houston Chronicle. Here's some more from Uniwatch's Paul Lukas

Really, I was hoping they would go back to something more like this ...

Any thoughts on the Mariners current uniform situation?