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The heat is on ...

Any excuse to play a song from Beverly Hills Cop will usually do, but since the Hot Stove League is really starting to get warm with the start of baseball's GM Meetings in Indian Wells, Calif. ... I figured I'd go with that song. Don't think there won't be more heat related songs and videos posted in the coming days.

Yahoo's Jeff Passan previews those meetings and some of the ludicrous gamesmanship that comes with them in his 10 degrees column ...

One of the first pieces of news that came from the meetings was the Mets' announcement that they have released Jason Bay. The organization is on the hook for the remaining $21 million ($16 million for 2013, $3 million buyout, $2 million bonus) left on his contract. Remember when a few people said the Mariners should sign Bay to a big contract when he was a free agent?  Yeah, it's probably fortunate that the Mets out-bid everyone, including themselves to sign Bay to the four-year, $66-million contract. A slew of injuries, particularly concussions, submarined his last few seasons leaving him unwanted and searching.

Of course, Bay still believes he can play, which he said in the story. More than a few people have mentioned the possibility of him coming to the Mariners. Any team that acquires him would have to pay him the minimum of about $480,000.  That's pretty low investment. The Mariners did that with Eric Byrnes and his bike when he was released and still getting paid by the D'Backs.It's important to remember that Bay is from British Columbia, played at Gonzaga and currently lives in Kirkland, where his wife is from. There would be interest on his end to come here. There are worse moves.

Taking a one-year flyer on Bay, it's not a horrible idea. It could work out as well as Russell Branyan did in 2009. And the commitment would be low and the risk minimal. There have been worse experiments made by the Mariners - Pokey Reese, Brad Wilkerson, Milton Bradley, Chone Figgins come to mind.

My overall take on one-year deal for Jason Bay --  I wouldn't hate it. But I wouldn't expect much.

One of the current Mariners outfielders - Michael Saunders - talked with his hometown paper. It's interesting to note that he hopes to play for Canada in the WBC.

I found this tweet amusing ...

Ken Rosenthal posted this piece about Justin Upton being available on the trade market.  I'm all for exploring the trade opportunities. But you have to wonder if the Mariners have enough pieces - particularly hitting prospects - to make the trade.

Speaking of Rosenthal, Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing uses a Rosenthal tweet to discuss the status of prospects.

Speaking of prospects ... Nick Franklin had 6 RBI in yesterday's AFL game.

Just because Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana, it doesn't mean guys on the Mariners and Rockies can suddenly start using it. MLB has a different view.

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This story from a week ago ... pretty much says it all