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The winter meetings wrap up

Note: The Mariners will announce the Bay signing sometime this afternoon.

After five very long days in Nashville, I'm heading home. Obviously, I'd hope to be writing more about the Mariners' big moves at the winter meetings, but it didn't happen. That doesn't mean they can't or won't happen. If you look closely, there were only a few relatively big signings that took place.

We came into Nashville thinking that Josh Hamilton, Nick Swisher and Zack Greinke wouldn't agree to deals during the four-day span - and they didn't.

I would imagine the talks will pick up considerably in the next few days. Greinke is kind of the block that will make everything else tumble like Jenga. But I really think Swisher and Michael Bourn are foolish to to sit and wait around for Hamilton to sign. Their market and market value have shrunken considerably. Bourn's wish of wanting to get a 5-year, $75 million contract like BJ Upton is a pipe dream at this point. Swisher's hope of getting big money to play in San Francisco is gone. Meanwhile, Hamilton and his agent have finally come to the realization that the 5 or 6-year deal they hoped for simply isn't out there.

The Mariners are legitimate contenders for any of the three. It will be interesting to see how it works.

Word to the wise ... with some of these rumors that are getting put out there, make sure you consider the source driving them. Agents and opposing teams often leak this information in order to push the market or change perception of it. The report of a 3-year, $75 million contract offer to Seattle seemed a bit odd. A source in the Mariners told me, he had no idea where that came from. That it wasn't from the Mariners side because nothing had been officially offered.

The Mariners will still also be in play for minor bats like Mike Morse and others, trying to add some offensive depth.

I honestly think the Mariners will come away with one of the trio of  Hamilton, Swisher or Bourn. Then again, I honestly thought that the 2008 Mariners could win the AL West.

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