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Radio: Jack Zduriencik and Eric Wedge on Hot Stove League Show

Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik and manager Eric Wedge were on Tuesday's night's Hot Stove League on  ESPN 710 with Shannon Drayer, Matt Pitman and a very hoarse Mike Blowers.

Zduriencik didn't say anything earth shattering. He said he is still having "pretty heavy" discussions with several agents about hitters. He also talked about being disciplined about staying the road they are on versus taking a risk on a trade for a player with only one or two years of control (like Shin Soo-Choo).

Drayer asked if Zduriencik might just stay the course with what he has instead of completely mortgaging the future.

"That's probably not the popular thing to say," Zduriencik said. "I'd love to do something right now. Maybe we will through free agency."

Zduriencik also talked about the idea of not chasing fool's good.

Other notes ...

  • Casper Wells had lasik surgery this offseason.
  • Dustin Ackley played with a bad bone spur on his left ankle all of last season and had surgery on it.
  • He talked about trade talks with other teams and their demands.
  • He talked about the value of his young prospects
  • Zduriencik's phone went about six times. He also has a Godfather theme as a ringtone.
  • He talked about his views on length of contract. You can tell he's not a fan of contracts over six years.

Wedge audio and notes after the jump


  • He talked about sticking to the plan of the organization and not completely abandoning that philosophy.
  • He talked about the additions and roles of Jason Bay and Robert Andino.
  • Brendan Ryan's hitting and not winning the gold glove.
  • he offered his thoughts on the MVP race, choosing Miguel Cabrera
  • He hopes that Montero and Jaso will handle the catching duties with Montero getting a few more starts
  • Wedge would like another veteran position player.