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So Justin Upton ....

And so it begins yet again. We've talked on here before about how well Justin Upton fits with what the Mariners need. The two teams have had talks leading back to the winter meetings. It's a much better fit than Andre Ethier and his bloated contract and failure to hit lefties.

The Mariners could use Upton's presence in the middle of order, and having him hitting in front of Kendrys Morales could definitely be a lineup changer.

So now the question is .... what will the Mariners have to give up? Well, they are going to have to give up AT LEAST one of the Big Four (James Paxton, Brendan Maurer, Taijuan Walker or Danny Hultzen) if not more, Nick Franklin and then maybe Mike Carp or even a reliever like Steven Pryor.

Do you make the deal? Yes, yes you do. Upton makes the Mariners more relevant offensively as well as signal to Felix Hernandez and Mariners fans that they are serious about making improvements.