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Report: Kelly Shoppach is headed to the Mariners

While Mr. Heyman is not fond of action verbs ... he does seem to get more than his fair share of things right. And he is right on this.

Kelly Shoppach is in town. He is supposedly taking his physical on Wednesday. He will be signing with the Mariners.

He made about $1.35 million last year. So it's a pretty standard deal.

When will it be official? That might be tomorrow or it might not be till next week. The Mariners have the agreement in place. So when they make the deal official is up to them. Why the wait?

Well, the 40-man roster is full. So the Mariners would have to designate a player for assignment and risk losing them. Of course, if they were to DFA Mike Carp, would it really matter? Carp doesn't seem to have a place on this team with the glut of 1B/OF types. And since he is out of Triple A options, the Mariners would have to DFA him eventually if didn't make the team out of spring training. If they wait till the very end of spring training to do that, there is a chance he could clear waivers because of roster clogging on other teams. It's a matter of how important Carp is to them or if they believe he still has some value.

Of the young players on the 40-man roster, maybe Yoervis Medina or Julio Morban are candidates. Well, I was informed that Morban has been protected by the team. So you can cross him off.

For the Oliver Stone fans, you could also think that maybe the reason the Mariners are waiting is that they are in the process of making a trade for a different player that might clear up an additional two 40-man roster spots. It's not crazy thinking.  It isn't impossible since they are looking to add another veteran starting pitcher. So maybe that's a possibility.

As far as Shoppach's role, he will be back-up to Jesus Montero. That means he will catch the day games after night games. He might be a nice late-inning defensive replacement as well. Shoppach played for manager Eric Wedge in the past and had some good years with him.