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Video: Felix Hernandez's emotional afternoon at Safeco Field

If you haven't seen Felix Hernandez's press conference, it's something you should watch. Rarely will you see the type of raw emotion and sincerity that the Mariners' ace showed today at Safeco Field. He was honest and hopeful and thankful.

The cynic will say "I'd cry too if I got $175 million dollars," but if you watch and listen to Hernandez, you'd see a kid that has embraced the idea of being the face of the Mariners franchise. He understands, accepts and desires the responsibilities that come with the label.

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Also you can see his commitment to the organization and the Mariners fans. He gets it. And he wants to stay here and build this team into a winner.

Below you can see how Hernandez's emotions got jumpstarted when Mariners staffers and employees - clad in King's Court shirts - surprised him coming out of the elevator for the press conference.