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Saturday's line-up vs. the Indians

3-23 -- line-up vs. Indians

The Mariners continue to slow play Franklin Gutierrez. He's getting the day off. Manager Eric Wedge said Gutierrez will likely play Sunday or Monday. Is it a reason to be concerned? Not any more than any other day. The Mariners are treating Gutierrez as fragile. But if you have to be this careful with him now, can he play five days a week during the season?

Brad Miller gets another start today. I'm guessing he will be one of the last players cut in camp. He's earned some respect from Wedge and his staff. I'm really curious to see how the Mariners handle the situation with Miller, Nick Franklin, Carlos Triunfel and Stefen Romero. It's easy to see that in the eyes of Wedge, Miller has moved a head all of them.