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Jesus Montero is fine and the knot on his head is gone

Jesus Montero came strolling into the clubhouse smiling and laughing. Not bad for a guy who less than 24 hours before had taken a bat off his skull.

Montero left yesterday's game in the second inning after the backswing of Francisco Lindor struck him in the side of the head. It was a scary play that left Montero with an egg-shaped lump on his head.

"I feel good," he said. "Thank God nothing happened. It was a scary moment."

But today there was barely any remnants of that lump thanks to the healing power of ice.

"I iced it for three hours in the training room and more when I got home," Montero said.

More important than the lack of a knot was the lack of a concussion for Montero. Though he's not in the line-up, he is going to be active today, catching bullpen sessions and taking batting practice.

"You gotta be tough," he said. "Catching is not easy. But you gotta enjoy it. It's our job."

Montero said may move back slightly from where he normally sets up behind the plate.