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Tuesday's line-up and game notes vs. the A's

4-2 -- Line-up vs. A's

Mariners manager Eric Wedge said he was going to try and play people early to keep them in rhythm from spring training. He also said he was going to rest Franklin Gutierrez. He's doing both today with Raul Ibanez getting the start in left field. That means Michael Morse will start in right field and Michael Saunders could be very busy in center field today.

We know Ibanez and Morse aren't great defensively - we know this, we've been reminded of it and we'll be expecting it. The  outfield at Coliseum is vast and cavernous. It could be interesting tonight out there.

There has been a lot of complaining and hand wringing about his possibility. It's not a good defensive outfield. We know this. But this is the world the Mariners plan to live with for the time being. It's not perfect, but they've sacrificed defense for hitting and experience. Agree or disagree with it, it's not going to change anything right now.

Hisashi Iwakuma is a ground ball pitcher, so it will be in his best interests to keep the ball down on the ground.