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Thursday's line-ups vs. the A's .... rain, rain go away

4-4 -- line-up vs. A's

So the weather isn't great in here in Oakland. It's very, well, Puget Soundish. It's cold and gray and dank. The rain has been falling for a while, alternating between hard rain/thick misting - not enjoyable.

The tarp is on the field ...


This makes things interesting since the Mariners don't have a true long reliever. So if Brandon Maurer pitches for a few innings, and then has to sit for a long rain delay, the Mariners won't likely bring him back into the game. Could be lots of bullpen arms getting used today. Last night's outing from Joe Saunders did not help any.

Manager Eric Wedge is trying to keep Maurer's routine as normal as possible. The rain was not factored in this.

"I've just convinced myself we are going to start at 12:37 and I don't look at it any differently than that," Wedge joked. "I'm a pretty strong minded guy so as far as I'm concerned, it's going to be 12:37 and that's it."

You hear that Mother Nature .... Eric Wedge is talking to you. Don't make him give you the stare down.

Update: Mother Nature apparently listened to Wedge's semi-threat, cause the tarp is off the field.

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With Kameron Loe throwing three innings last night, the Mariners are down a man in the bullpen. He is the sort-of "long" reliever. But Wedge downplayed it a little.

"It's pretty much the modern day version of long relief is three innings quite frankly," he said. "If we get in trouble today, we'll just have to use more people."

Oliver Perez and Lucas Luetge could give the Mariners two innings each.

As for Joe Saunders' semi-unfortunate and amusing comment about being unable to grip the baseballs last night, Wedge did say they've had "conversations" with people about the issue for today's game. Those people would likely included the umpires and clubhouse people in charge of rubbing up the baseballs before the game. Check out this great story by Doug Miller of about the mud used to rub them up.

"It's not the first time or the last time it's happened, sometimes it's just the way it is," Wedge said. "Whether it's the combination, of how they are rubbed up, or the weather, from time to time, it happens. There isn't a whole lot you can do about it."

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