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A few quick thoughts on the latest Mariners roster moves

Big thanks to Darrin for posting the Aaron Harang trade to the blog, I was in a barber's chair when it broke.

When I first saw the tweet from Ken Rosenthal, who broke the news, I was filled with an overwhelming feel of ... meh.

It's nothing against Aaron Harang. He's a competent, veteran pitcher, who gives the the  Mariners some depth in their staff. But is he the Aaron Harang people remember with the Reds? No.

Dave Cameron explains why .... here.

The obvious reaction from some is ... "Why did they get rid of Jon Garland then?"

The answer ... Garland forced them to make a decision that weren't ready to make. The Mariners weren't ready to guarantee a spot in the rotation at that point in the spring. There was a belief by some in the organization that Garland didn't have the arm strength or endurance to be effective early in the season. Maybe a few starts might have changed that, but Garland wanted an answer then.

The Mariners also felt comfortable that they would have Blake Beavan, Erasmo Ramirez and Brandon Maurer to fill the final two spots with Jeremy Bonderman as a longshot. But Ramirez got hurt and Bonderman proved he also wasn't ready. Still Beavan and Maurer were more than acceptable. I can only imagine the bitterness from a good portion of Mariners fans had the team kept Garland and put him in the rotation along with Beavan and sent Maurer to Triple A. Of course, those same angry fans are ready to give up on him after his last start.

Obviously, the Mariners are in a different place now. Ramirez has yet to leave Arizona and there is a fear his injury might be worse than first anticipated. Bonderman has shown he isn't quite ready. And Maurer and Beavan have struggled.

So here comes Harang to help. Not sure what his throwing regimen has been since being DFA'd. I don't know that he'd be ready to join the rotation immediately. He doesn't want to pitch long relief. But he also doesn't want to be in the minor leagues. You could move Harang into the rotation and move Beavan to long relief. I doubt they would do that with Maurer because he is a young prospect. If he's not in the rotation, they should send him to Tacoma and call up a DJ  Mitchell or Andrew Carraway to be the long reliever.

As for Kameron Loe, he is in baseball limbo. I don't know if anyone will claim him off of waivers. He really doesn't have a ton of value.

the Mariners haven't announced if Michael Saunders is going on the DL, we might not know that until pregame or even tomorrow as the MRI results come in.