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Mariners fans’ Christmas wishes: If club could add one more free agent…

Mariners fans, let’s just say you get a visit tonight from the ghost of Babe Ruth, and he’s willing to grant you the wish of adding one more free agent to next year’s roster. Who would you pick?
Mariners fans, let’s just say you get a visit tonight from the ghost of Babe Ruth, and he’s willing to grant you the wish of adding one more free agent to next year’s roster. Who would you pick?

Everyone has a Christmas wish, right? And sometimes, cinema and literature suggest, those wishes magically come true.

Spoiler alert:

This year, again, Ralphie will get his Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun; Clarence will get his wings; Scrooge will regain his soul; and Thurman Merman will get his pink stuffed elephant.

In that spirit, I posted a question early Thursday on Twitter asking Mariners’ fans to identify which remaining free agent they’d add to next year’s club and why.

The tweet pointed out that the Mariners’ roster for next season, barring something unexpected, is already virtually set. Really, it seems unlikely the Mariners will make any further major moves.

After all, the Mariners have been busy since the season ended under new general manager Jerry Dipoto. You can catch up on all of their off-season moves with this file, which we’ll continue to update as needed.

But…things do happen. (See: Hisashi Iwakuma’s return.) And if you can’t wish on Christmas Eve, when can you?

Here are some of the early verbatim responses:

@Blazersrule88: id trade Smith and go after Parra

@marinerswagon: i like Justin Upton and w our lineup he isn't the biggest bat so there's less pressure to be the guy

@NateDavis26: Cespedes or Upton, because I'm not thrilled with Aoki/cruz/guti/smith corner OF platoon idea

@olyhomer: If possible, add Alex Gordon. Seems an upgrade over Aoki/Smith/Guti and good arm. Christmas wish.

@AvacadoRoller: Eric Thames. No good reason. I just miss the Muscle Wizard. Plus, he saved Felix's perfecto.

@JustSayGary: Cespedes, because we can use one more good bat…

@mrathgeber: Scott Kasmir, rotation depth & veteran savvy in BIG park. I like Paxton & Kuma but don't know if they can go whole yr w/ no DL

@TrentoHunter: cespedes. Because @CespedesBBQ and because cigars.

@Spj6196: would like to see a DeJesus/Punto type crafty vet who gives defensive versatility..would be a nice final touch.

@Harrisg509: cespedes should sign with us to a 5 year 5 million dollar deal. Then trade for Trout and Harper.

@BrianPiercy94: Scott Kazmir, LHP in Safeco who can pitch in any park

@charlesmalu5: One more front line arm. Don't have the roster in front of me but I think that's how I'd go.

@antsmith777: Dexter Fowler. Young outfielder, switch hitter, athletic, and gets on base with some pop as well.

@jperks: Joe Blanton, I'm a little uneasy w/ this bullpen.

@bigredlives: would love to watch Joe Biemel's pickoff move for another season.

@conjpat: Maeda, this market should over index on Japanese talent. Neither Karns or Paxton fully reliable yet

@KerryFrye: Cespedes, as I believe he's best left, and Christmas is all about greed and big spending, right?…

@Taylor_TV: Cespedes. Underrated defensive player & his cannon would be useful in our OF. I know he doesn't fit OBP mentality but can mash

@panthiesba: Antonio bastardo. Strengthen bullpen

@twownsu: Upton as a dream. Steve Pearce as a realistic hope as a RH 1B/COF with power and decent plate discipline and decent defense.

@WuTangFinancial: Chone Figgins, Rob Johnson, Ryan Langerhans

@tonydif: definitely an OF like Parra, no way Guti healthy for more than 3 months, and Seth Smith is prime regression guy.

@MikeAxworthy: I'd be interested in signing Dominic brown to a minor league deal, think he has any potential?

@pll477: Lincecum

@beefymanstink: Cespedes for his bat. Gordon for his defense. Not sold on this outfield. :(

@adrich1: Antonio Bastardo. And Id agree w/ someone else about dumping Smith for an A-ball player and going for Parra.

@ChrisAMcCroskey: Cespedes and trade Seth Smith for bullpen depth, still not sold on the bullpen quite yet.

@Josh_Andersen6: Steven Pearce. Has pop from right side of the plate and proven more than Montero. Play better at 1st but can play 2B/OF

@thejjet: Fister or Lee if on a low risk high potential reward. Reason - you can never have enough starting pitching