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Proposed changes to Chase format: Twitter reaction

A sampling of reaction on Twitter to NASCAR’s proposed changes to its Chase playoff format:

Jeff Burton @JeffBurton

The millions of viewers of the Super Bowl seem to enjoy a playoff system with eliminations.

Denny Hamlin @dennyhamlin

Every race will be a fight to get out of the bottom 4 of the standings. Races will play out like Richmond each race. Minus the arm scratching

Darrell Waltrip @AllWaltrip

1/2 time break, 15 min, playoff system, final 4 race for championship, seems pretty simple to me! A championship race for the championship

brant james @brantjames

Do the Four drivers eliminated each cutoff in the Chase get a farewell burnout like on american idol?

Matt Arcara @mattarcara

this is why we should do away with the chase completely. The champion should be the season’s best team.

Ben Bowers @bfbowers

winner take all at homestead is a travesty. The rest is interesting though.

Kris @Speed505

The PGA tried this when they Tiger proofed the golf courses.

Eric Nelson @Nastycar4

it sounds cool. I just enjoy watching racing period. Whatever the points r they r, so long as they’re racing I’m in!