Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin’s return to Seattle mostly quiet

Former Seahawk Percy Harvin exchanges pleasantries with Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson on Monday during pre-game warmups.
Former Seahawk Percy Harvin exchanges pleasantries with Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson on Monday during pre-game warmups.

This was not the beginning of Percy Harvin’s revenge tour — far from anything like that, really.

He showed no animosity toward his former team, and debunked any rumors that he specifically chose Monday night’s game in Seattle to end a brief retirement from football that began in April.

“Not at all,” said Harvin, who was signed by Buffalo last Tuesday, and made his first appearance in an NFL game in more than a year.

“Everybody thought it was tension — why I wanted to do that. But everybody came out with nothing but love. We were happy to see each other.”

In fact, the only negative emotion the former Seahawks wide receiver appeared to show was dissatisfaction.

After patrolling the Buffalo sideline, engaged, for most of the game, he removed his helmet in frustration after Tyrod Taylor’s final pass attempt fell incomplete.

Looking for Robert Woods on fourth-and-15, Taylor’s pass zipped to the ground, handing Seattle a 31-25 win in front of a record-breaking crowd at CenturyLink Field.

But Harvin’s return to Seattle was, otherwise, quiet.

“I wanted to, first of all, keep my emotions in check,” he said. “That was one of the biggest things. We had a plan. We stuck to it. I was able to get out there.”

Of the Bills’ 82 offensive snaps, Harvin — whose career in Seattle was limited by injuries and other off-field factors, and included only six regular-season games in 2013-14 — took the field on only 20, had no receptions, and no targets.

Which, really, was the plan.

“We just got Percy, he hadn’t been doing any football-related stuff, so we knew he was going to be limited,” Bills coach Rex Ryan said. “Next week, we’ve got to try to get him in more football shape. He’s going to do that on his own in the bye week.

“Hopefully we can use him, because he’s clearly a weapon for us.”

Harvin said he was pleased with the start, after being acquired less than a week prior to Monday’s game.

He said the plan going forward is to increase his productivity each week.

“My body feels good,” said Harvin, who originally retired because of frequent absences due to injury. “My body has responded the past week and to this game. I’ll continue forward and get better, and hopefully get more involved.”

Harvin praised his Buffalo teammates — he was named a captain for the pregame coin flip despite his recent arrival — and said there was no strain between him and the players on the opposing sideline.

Any thoughts of rumored squabbles in the Seahawks locker room from years past seemed forgotten.

“It’s all love,” Harvin said. “Many people have seen the stories and thought everything, this and that, but all of the teammates have given each other love. It’s nothing but love over there.”

He smiled standing alongside Russell Wilson warming up before the game, saluted Tony McDaniel, and exchanged hugs with Cliff Avril and Jermaine Kearse.

“It was cool,” Kearse said. “We talked for a little bit when he was heading to the locker room. I just wished him well, and hope he does well.”