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Seahawks back in saddle after bye week

RENTON — Golden Tate calmly made the claim that he reeled in a 100-inch long marlin off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, during the bye week.

Then Tate bolstered the tale by adding he dragged some mahi-mahi into the boat. Mahi-mahi means “strong-strong” in Hawaiian.

Because, as it turned out, the marlin was kind of wimpy.

“Not much of a fight. I don’t know if it was sick or something,” Tate said. “It didn’t fight very much. Either that, or I’m kind of strong. One of the two.”

While the majority of the NFL spent last week preparing to ram heads on Sunday, the Seahawks were scattered about for their bye week.

Tate was fishing. Quarterback Russell Wilson did various media appearances, as did Richard Sherman.

Coach Pete Carroll was watching film after a brief break.

Like most coaches, Carroll uses the bye week to “self-scout,” analyzing what has been working and inevitably finding things to throw out.

“We’re always trying to maximize the break time so the guys can get as strong as possible, “Carroll said. “We’ve always tried to do that. We’ve always tried to get better and that’s why the self-scout stuff is so important that we do.”

The Seahawks are 1-2 under Carroll following bye weeks. All three games have come earlier than this year’s bye week and were on the road. Picking up the bye week in Week 12, the latest allowed in the league, made it almost twice as late as 2010 and 2011 when the Seahawks’ bye weeks were Week 5 and 6, respectively.

Last year, Seattle took a break in Week 11. The Hawks lost, 24-21, at Miami the next Sunday.

The Seahawks returned to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on Monday for a workout. Tuesday was a “bonus day,” with workouts and a light practice, the latter of which was split between the younger players and veteran ones. On Wednesday, the schedule everyone in the league is so accustomed to, began again.

“You get out of routine,” Tate said. “This league, really, it’s just all about routine. For 17 weeks straight, not counting the bye, on Wednesdays you know what you’re going to get. On Thursday you know exactly what you’re going to do – the preparation Friday, Saturday, (and) so on.

“To kind of get out of that and have time to rest is good for your body, but you kind get a little rusty. You’ve got to knock that off. I think Coach Carroll did a good job of having us come back in Monday just for a workout and had like a bonus day Tuesday where we knocked the rust off. (Wednesday) we should be back into gear. I know guys are extremely excited to go.”

Following the bye week in 2011, the Seahawks lost, 6-3, at Cleveland to start a three-game losing streak.

Carroll said prior to this year’s hiatus he would prefer to keep playing.

“We’re just feeling very good about where we’re going with guys coming back to health and all of that, but you don’t get that choice,” Carroll said. “We’ll know more again today, but not until game time will we really know how well we’ll handle the bye.”


Wide receiver Percy Harvin (hip) had a light workload in Wednesday’s practice after being held out Tuesday, according to Carroll. The Seahawks will likely manage him in this fashion for the rest of the season.
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