Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks' fans wear their hearts on their yard

Perry Panagiotu figured he could keep his Christmas lights up a little longer if he made them Seattle Seahawks-themed.

They’re still up, and his North Tacoma display is growing.

The most recent addition: a 24-by-4-foot banner that reads: “All the way Seahawks.”

People driving past have been stopping to see the yard at North 26th and North Bennett streets. It’s decked out with, among other things:

 • Blue and green lights.

 • A 6-foot-tall blow-up Seahawk.

 • Signs.

 • Bows.

 • Beads.

 • Posters.

 • Logos.

 • A goal post.

 • A mini football field.

And as the Panagiotu family waits for the Seahawks to make their Super Bowl appearance Feb. 2, there’s Hawks fever at their house.

Big time.

“It will be hard to wait, you know what I mean?” said 8-year-old Jonathan Knight, whom Panagiotu is helping to raise.

They’ve had a countdown clock in the house since before Christmas ticking away the seconds until the big game.

In the meantime, Jonathan has Seahawks shoulder pads, a helmet and gloves.

Panagiotu said he even drove to McDonalds as far north as Marysville and as far south as Raymond to help Jonathan complete his collection of NFL toys. They found all 32, one for each team.

They have a Seahawks shower curtain, and the family’s West Highland terrier, Ouzo, has a Seahawks dog dish, too.

“I can tell you every coach and almost every player,” Panagiotu said. “But I wouldn’t call myself a fanatic.”

He said he was raised to support the team, though; his grandfather had Seahawks season tickets from Day 1.

They don’t have those tickets anymore, but Panagiotu is raising Jonathan to be a fan. He went to his first game this year.

He says the boy correctly predicted Sept. 15 which teams would go to the Super Bowl.

“I called it, I called it!” Jonathan shouted after the big win Sunday.

How did he know?

“Because Denver was stomping on everybody, and we were stomping on everybody,” he said.

And he thinks he knows who will win the Super Bowl, too.

“A lot of people at my school think the Broncos are going to beat us,” he said. “They think that they have better receivers than us.”

But the Seahawks have better defense, he said.

“They should have faith that we’re going to win the Super Bowl for the first time with Russell Wilson as our quarterback,” Jonathan said.

And will their yard still twinkle blue and green after the big game?

Until the end of February, probably. At least until Valentines Day, Panagiotu said.

That means they’ve had to make alternative plans for their mail to be delivered, because the Postal Service said its carriers weren’t allowed to step over the extension cords for safety reasons.

But they worked it out, Panagiotu said.

“We don’t want you to have to take down any of this,” they told him. “We love it.”

As for what Panagiotu spent on the decorations:

“I can’t even imagine,” he said. “Probably less than what it would cost for a Super Bowl ticket.”

Richard sherman with a cooler head

He talked to reporters Wednesday, saying that his comments right after Sunday’s game were not well considered but reflexive. And he says he certainly isn’t a thug or a villain. Sports, B1
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