Seattle Seahawks

NFL rankings entering Week 3

1. Denver Broncos (2): Outscored IND, KC 45-17 in the 1st half. Been outscored 24-10 after halftime.

2. Seattle Seahawks (1): Chance to regain league’s top perch and “championship spirit” in Super Bowl rematch.

3. Green Bay Packers (5): Early scare vs. Jets. Now chance to show Lions who rules NFC North.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (8): QB Andy Dalton getting all the attention, but that defense can rock.

5. New England Patriots (9): Beating OAK proves zilch, but the Tom Bradys will be a primary AFC factor.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (10): Nick Foles out Luck-ed Andrew on Colts’ home field. Now at WSH to begin NFC East rule.

7. San Diego Chargers (20): Philip Rivers was as good as QBs get vs. SEA in last 3 years. But it won’t be 120 degrees in Buffalo.

8. Carolina Panthers (16): Ribs fine, Cam Newton and a rugged D host PIT seeking first 3-0 start since 2003.

9. Buffalo Bills (14): E.J. Manuel’s arrival will be official if he and his 2-0 team beats San Diego at home.

10. San Francisco 49ers (4): Blame it on the turf: How did they lose at home to Chicago? Should rebound in Arizona.

11. Atlanta Falcons (7): Matt Ryan was nearly perfect Thursday night vs. Tampa Bay. But — it was Tampa Bay.

12. Arizona Cardinals (19): Still not fully believing. Not sure which Carson Palmer will show up each week.

13. New York Jets (15): Blew big lead at Lambeau, but my pick to win the AFC East showed somethin’.

14. Indianapolis Colts (11): Could easily be 2-0, having rallied just short at Denver, blowing leads vs. Philly. Schedule softens now, at JAX.

15. Houston Texans (23): Defense has allowed NFL-low 20 points in two wins. And now DE J.J. Watt is catching TD passes.

16. Chicago Bears (22): Big win for Jay Cutler at San Francisco. But, sorry, hard to figure out any team he quarterbacks.

17. Tennessee Titans (12): How did UW Southeast lose at home to Dallas after winning at Kansas City? Better yet, how’d Titans not score 50 on Dallas?

18. Cleveland Browns (26): Showing spunk that has everything to do with Brian Hoyer, absolutely nothing to do with Johnny Manziel.

19. New Orleans Saints (6): Someday — when this defense does something, anything — they will rise up. But losing at Cleveland?

20. Baltimore Ravens (32): May be second-best in AFC North — but that’s miles behind Cincinnati right now.

21. Miami Dolphins (3): So much for beating New England. Whipped at Buffalo to go back to their expected place — in mediocre mass.

22. Detroit Lions (17): Way they lost to Panthers means the Giants that Detroit trashed must be wretched.

23. Minnesota Vikings (13): Did the right thing re-deactivating Adrian Peterson.

24. Kansas City Chiefs (24): Just about went to OT at Denver. But RB Jamaal Charles’ iffy status (high ankle sprain) means iffy status for team.

25. Washington Redskins (30): Many believe Kirk Cousins will be better for this team than RGIII. Not me.

26. St. Louis Rams (25): Even Austin Davis, who won his first NFL game as a starting QB at TB, should be able to light up Dallas.

27. Dallas Cowboys (31): So how in the name of Bob Lilly did that defense hold Tennessee — or anyone — to less than 30 points?

28. Pittsburgh Steelers (21): Can we forget last week at Baltimore ever happened? Sensing upset win at Carolina.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (28): Gus Bradley has a growing team, but its offense is shredded by injuries.

30. New York Giants (27): Eli Manning may have had a better team when he played at Ole Miss.

31. Oakland Raiders (29): Black Hole already calling for Dennis Allen to be fired. Exactly what this franchise needs, its 183rd coach in last decade.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18): “I’m embarrassed,” coach Lovie Smith said of losing 56-14 at Atlanta. Why? This is 13th time Bucs have been 0-3.