Seattle Seahawks

NFL rankings entering Week 4

1. Seattle Seahawks (2): Defense throttled Manning — for 59 minutes. Now have top-rated QB, too.

2. Denver Broncos (1): Mile High belief: If only Manning had called “heads.” And if only the league’s OT rules were different.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (4): Off to best start in eight years. Dump-trucking teams so far despite a load of injuries.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (6): Not even a cheap shot on QB Nick Foles slows offense. Now if only they could play defense.

5. Arizona Cardinals (12): Bye-week considerations: Stanton or Palmer at QB? Can they take division from Seattle?

6. San Diego Chargers (7): Philip Rivers is completing 68 percent of passes, so Seattle’s isn’t the only ‘D’ he has shredded.

7. New England Patriots (5): How do you drop two spots by winning? By beating Oakland 16-9 at home. O-line is getting Brady banged.

8. Atlanta Falcons (11): Matt Ryan has NFL’s top-ranked offense. But defenders (387 ypg allowed) have been dirty birds.

9. Indianapolis Colts (14): Seems everyone back to Bert Jones has an opinion: Who is the better QB, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson?

10. Chicago Bears (16): Air Trestman: Jay Cutler has eight TD passes in three games, second only to Luck.

11. Detroit Lions (22): Defense ransacked Rodgers and Green Bay even more than Seattle’s did.

12. Green Bay Packers (3): Best two-loss team in the league. But three weeks into season, that’s not a compliment.

13. New Orleans Saints (19): Just a matter of time — and defense —before Brees has them rolling.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (28): Running game and defense crushed Carolina, a 2013 NFC playoff team, on its home field.

15. Buffalo Bills (9): Have allowed 52 points in three games. Only loss: San Diego.

16. Houston Texans (15): What’s all-everything DE J.J. Watt going to do next? Throw passes?

17. Baltimore Ravens (20): Trying, desperately, to get back to being noticed for their football.

18. Carolina Panthers (8): Did getting rolled by the Steelers expose them?

19. San Francisco 49ers (10): Latest for Team Headache: Harbaugh-to-Michigan rumors.

20. Dallas Cowboys (27): Down 21 in the first half at St. Louis, Tony Romo’s rally gets the heat off him — for 10 minutes.

21. Cleveland Browns (18): Three games decided by a total of seven points. Everything to do with Brian Hoyer. Nothing to do with Johnny Manziel.

22. Kansas City Chiefs (24): Once they get through early injuries, will make noise.

23. New York Jets (13): Monday night dud vs. Chicago didn’t help constant quest to steal New York thunder from Giants.

24. Tennessee Titans (17): Wrecked at Cincy in more ways than one: Jake Locker’s hurt again.

25. Miami Dolphins (21): How can a team beat Patriots by two TDs and lose by 19 points each to Bills and Chiefs?

26. New York Giants (30): Where did runaway performance at Washington come from?

27. Minnesota Vikings (23): RB Adrian Petersen suspended. QB Matt Cassel out. A fine mess for rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater.

28. St. Louis Rams (26): Third-string QB Austin Davis isn’t doing half bad.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (29): Torched 119-27 since being up 17-0 at Eagles in opener.

30. Washington Redskins (30): Still think Kirk Cousins will be better for this team than RGIII?

31. Oakland Raiders (31):

Londoners get to see in person what Americans already know: This team reeks.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32): Would they finish higher than last in the Pac-12 North?