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You, too, can give to the Russell Wilson Contract Extension Fund. But will this fit under the salary cap?(!)

For today's good ol' shake of the head:



So which is more head-shaking: the fact someone created this? Or the fact people had given $55 to this "cause" over the first five hours?

As if there aren't any other causes out there in our society worthy of contributing to ... Like, say, ANY charity.

Talks between the Seahawks led by general manager John Schneider and Wilson's side led by agent Mark Rodgers remain stalled -- far more stalled than the team could have anticipated when it began negotiations in February to extend the two-time Super Bowl quarterback's contract. Last month, Schneider refused to answer if talks have been stickier than the Seahawks expected.

The 26-year old Wilson is coming up on the final season of his four-year rookie deal. The team wants to extend it before the start of training camp in late July  for far more than the $1.5 million he is currently due to earn in 2015. (That's NOT counting what gets raised on this gofundme site, of course).

But the Seahawks may not want or believe they are able under future salary caps to extend the deal for the more than $20 million per year in average total value that would put Wilson up with Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Drew Brees among the five top paid QBs in the league. Guaranteed money is likely tying this up, as guaranteed cash up front is always an issue in big deals in the mostly non-guaranteed NFL. Ask Marshawn Lynch.

“I’m not going to get into specifics on Russell’s situation,” Schneider said April 22, “other than to say we all love Russell and we want him to be our quarterback for a long time.”

I asked that day if Schneider felt that feeling was mutual from Wilson and his camp.

“I do, yeah,” the Seahawks’ GM said.

“Can I ask you if it is more sticky than you thought it might be?” I asked Schneider.

“No,” he said, “you can’t.”

On Tuesday, Wilson was making his weekly visit to Seattle Children's Hospital -- and thrilling fans there:



The Seahawks signed two more players who tried out last weekend during their rookie minicamp: 262-pound fullback Brandon Cottom from Purdue and linebacker Tyrell Adams from West Georgia.

To make room on the 90-man offseason roster the team waived guard Nate Isles and terminated the contract of guard C.J. Davis.