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League source: Report Russell Wilson, Seahawks are so far apart new deal may not got done before season is almost entirely fictitious

A league source who knows exactly what's going on with Russell Wilson's contract negotiations told me this afternoon the Bleacher Report post from this morning that the two-time Super Bowl quarterback and the Seahawks are so far apart it is unlikely to get done before this season is inaccurate.

In fact, the source said today's national report is almost entirely fictitious.

What is fact?

These talks, which began in earnest following the Super Bowl Feb. 1, are simply a work in progress. That's it. Any talk of an almost insurmountable gulf is inaccurate.

This isn't dealing for new loafers at Macy's. This is a team wanting to extend its franchise quarterback with money that could approach $20 million or more per year for five years. That, within a league salary structure and cap rules that try to make it darn near impossible to keep franchise players at their market worth without having to gut much of the rest of the roster. That calculus takes time in meticulous details on both sides, and that's where the two sides are right now.

While it is possible Wilson plays out his rookie contract as a third-round draft choice from 2012, one that is scheduled to pay him $1.5 million in base pay in 2015, that is not the objective for either side in the current state of negotiations.

Everything else -- including today's Bleacher Report story -- is speculation. No one knows what Wilson or his agent, Mark Rodgers, are asking for dollar-wise or what they think about the situation, because neither has made a single public comment on the status of talks or their wishes in them.

For the team's part, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll two weeks ago called the talks "slow."

“We won’t talk much about it because there’s a lot of stuff—it is such a crucial thing," Carroll said on May 2. "We are so excited about getting Russell (an extension) and keeping him forever. We want to do all of that. He has been an extraordinary player for us and we all recognize that. It’s a big deal. There’s a lot of work to be done. It’s been draft-focused for us on our end, and there’s going to be continuing talks. It’s totally in motion.

“Whatever happens, happens. But we will work it out and make it a great deal and have him here forever.”

The rest leaves us all to guess what Wilson and his agent are thinking -- or tweeting.

The problem with this taking time: It leaves an information vacuum during a time in the NFL calendar when we are four months from real games. Heck, there isn't even a Seahawks' mandatory minicamp at which Wilson is expected to be slinging passes for another month. And in today's world of sound bites, clicks and immediate gratification, such vacuums get filled with varying degrees of inaccurate information. Because it's such a high-profile player on the two-time defending NFC champions, the inaccurate info flies more than footballs do from now until training camp begins in July.

So relax -- if you can. These things take time.