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"Entourage," unheard-of poll numbers: Russell Wilson, the people's quarterback (at least in Washington state)

By at least one measure, Russell Wilson should run for governor.

A firm known as one of the most accurate political polling companies in the country surveyed a same of Washington state residents and found the Seahawks quarterback has an unheard-of "favorability" rating:

Govornor Jay Inslee or even President Barack Obama -- who has had Wilson as a guest at the White House for numerous dinners and events over the last couple years -- can only dream of such an approval rating.

Coincidentally, Public Policy Polling is based in the same city where Wilson graduated from North Carolina State: Raleigh.

The company has been doing such surveys since 2001.

That's what taking the Pacific Northwest's NFL team to consecutive Super Bowls while winning the franchise's first league title over the first three seasons of his career can do for a "favorability" rating.

It's just the latest card in a public-perception deck stacking somewhat against the Seahawks in their negotiations with Wilson on a new contract.

Another: That loony effort to help pay for his new deal. It was up to $1,000 in seven days as of Wednesday morning.

And here's another, in the wake of career sub-.500 QB Ryan Tannehill getting a new deal that is scheduled to net him an average of $19 million per year from the Miami Dolphins -- despite never winning a playoff game:

On July 16 he's hosting the national television broadcast of Nicklelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards.

Last night at Seahawks headquarters in Renton, Wilson hosted for his teammates a special sneak-preview screening of the new Entourage movie he is in. Some of the cast was there with them:

The tank top? No words:

That sure looks like Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse in that clip, too.


The native of Lakewood, Washington, near Joint Base Lewis McChord Army and Air Force installations, is starting a great cause: