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Holmgren weighs in

Mike Holmgren has finished his midweek press conference. The audio is here. Among the topics: Robbie Tobeck is back in the facility and needs to add about 15 pounds to his frame before getting back to game shape; FB David Kirtman could be signed to the active roster if Mack Strong has some problems on that ankle this week; the Seahawks should have learned their lesson about overlooking an opponent after losing in SF; ...

he and Bob Casullo sometimes play good-cop, bad-cop and that was the case with Ryan Plackemeier in Denver; he thinks Nate Burleson's success in the return game is positively impacting his play as a receiver; the conservative offensive approach in Denver reflected what happened in the game, not some grand plan; Matt Hasselbeck has been a bit inconsistent; the delay penalties resulted, in part, from asking Hasselbeck to process too much information; as a result, they'll scale back things this week, which is something they have talked about in the past; Russell Davis played his best game in Denver, and now he gets a long-awaited shot at his old team; and, finally, Holmgren hadn't noticed that teams were running against the right side of his defense a disproportionate amount of the time; he explained why such a stat could be misleading.