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Holmgren highlights

Mike Holmgren has finished his day-after-game press conference. We have reported the breaking-news angles on the blog below. I have an initial transcript of some of his comments below. Audio is hopefully on the way.

"The players came in today and we graded the film with them and then they lifted and we sent them home. Tomorrow will be like a Thursday. Practice will be somewhat altered in what we do but we're going to have two practices. The time schedule of the day will be like a Thursday. Wednesday will be like a Friday. We'll have one practice and try to get them out of here. We're trying to prepare and at the same time let them recover a little bit. We'll see."

"We started the game plan this morning and it's being done today."

"I've played in a couple of Thanksgiving games, coached in them. It is different. You have to prepare differently, think differently, get ready to play rather quickly. As far as a Thursday night game, this late in the season, too, guys are taking just a tad longer to recover. But San Francisco has to go through the same thing we are."

"(Darrell) Jackson probably will not be able to go (turf toe). Craig Terrill, we are putting him on IR. He hurt his knee. Ligament. Chop, I would say will be iffy. He was batting a little bit of a groin thing. In a normal week, we might be able to get him back. Tafoya would be another one."

"We have to become a more consistent football team. That is the bottom line."

"As close as everyone is, anybody is capable of beating anyone else if they are playing well."

"We have not been as consistent as I would like, but having said all that and having gone through the ups and downs, we have what we want in front of us and that is Thursday night. That will be my theme all week."

"It's hard and it's frustrating but that happens. Expectations are high and they still are high. No one is throwing in the towel here. We still have our goals set. It's there. The frustrating part and the uncertainty more than how they were going to play was who was going to play. That has had an impact on us. Is it unexpected that injuries would have an impact on us? Absolutely not. ... It has absolutely affected our consistency of play."

"I worry about everything. I want the guys to stay positive, stay up. They gave a lot of effort. They have been giving a lot of effort. I think that is going to be OK. We're playing some young people and I worry, we must be assignment-correct and do the right things on the field. That's my No. 1 concern, executing the game plan."

"The hits that knocked the ball loose, they were just hurling their body and helmet and shoulder pad right where the ball was. ... Those were no accident."

"Right now we're going to put (Robert) Pollard in there (on the d-line). We'll see. Some things could happen roster wise before the week is over."

"I have talked to a couple coaches to see how they schedule practices. We're kind of, it's like fighting city hall. You can have an opinion and you might listen to it briefly but you are the only one. The league is not going to listen to it, the owners certainly aren't and it's the NFL Network. We did have conversations with people on the competition committee. 'This is going to be tough on players, now.' 'Oh, yeah, thank you.' They play Thanksgiving Day games so there was a precedent already. And really, you know what drives the car."

"Matt had a good game. He played pretty well. Didn't throw any interceptions. Threw three touchdown passes. He missed a few throws he can hit but they were collapsing the pocket pretty good on us at times. They did a nice job of rushing the passer. Given everything, he did OK."

"That is one of the throws (late one to Hackett, incomplete in end zone), he had to throw it when he threw it because someone was releasing on the right side. ... By the time he threw it, I don't think he saw it. He just missed that one. We had a chance on it. He had made that throw before."

"Fortunately we had a couple extra people there (at DT) to start with. Otherwise we'd be in a world of hurt. We can line up and play. We rotate those guys during the game. The number of snaps in a 65-play game, no one is getting much more than 35 snaps. You still have Darby, Rocky, Russell and now Pollard will be in there."

"(Womack) has been very, very unlucky with injury. I'm not going to make any dramatic changes at this stage of this season. Sims has to be ready to go. Ashworth has to be ready to go."

"Sometimes you get, last year we were pretty fortunate. It happens. You do what you have to do to try and plug the holes in the dyke."