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Picks are in for Week 15

12 14 2006 Picks For Week 15.jpgI'll be swimming to the stadium here shortly, but first I wanted to pass along our picks for Week 15.

I went 9-7 last week, one game better than my wife, which left our records at: 110-65 (me) and 103-72 (her) in games picked on the blog. This week, we both took the Hawks to win tonight. I'm thinking they should be able to hold Frank Gore under 300 yards in this one.

Generally my wife will leave some comments, but she's not talking this week. The short week made us rush things and besides, her birthday is on the horizon. Maybe she'll actually get the Redskins game right for once. That way I wouldn't have to get her a gift (beyond the gift certificate to the driving range that I plan on getting her -- transferrable within the immediate family, of course).

The big question this week is whether the Rams can lose in Oakland. The NFC West is really doing itself proud these days.