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Receiving breakdown(s)

12 15 2006 Receiving Breakdown.jpgThe Seahawks are not good enough offensively to mess up the easy stuff. Offense has so much to do with continuity and rhythm. The Seahawks are operating at a disadvantage on those fronts because they have been shuttling so many people through the lineup from week to week, including even their quarterback. Last night they started their seventh combination of the season on the offensive line. They were working with a new mix at receiver, etc.

Because of those things, they need to do the easy stuff well. Like, for example, catching routine passes. The team's first two drives ended with thrird-down drops (Deion Branch, Jerramy Stevens). Neither play required a spectacular catch. We're talking about what should be routine plays for professional athletes. Last season, the team could overcome that stuff because, eventually, someone was going to make big plays.

This offense will never regain its confidence without having some success and sustaining some drives, particularly early in games. How many times this season have we talked about missed opportunities on offense early in games? The defense shut down the 49ers for most of the first three quarters last night. That should be enough to beat a middling team at home; the offense needs to make some things happen. But every time there was a chance to make a play, someone messed up. No wonder Mike Holmgren appeared so frustrated after the game last night.