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Breaking down the Boulware move

12 21 2006 Long Runs Allowed.jpgDefense is about more than one player, but the chart at right shows one reason behind the Seahawks' decision to move Michael Boulware back into the lineup at strong safety.

The chart shows the nine longest running plays against Seattle this season. All but one occurred after the team replaced Boulware following the Oct. 22 game against Minnesota. Seattle allowed quite a few long pass plays in the first six games, when Boulware was starting. Replacing Boulware with Jordan Babineaux helped get the deep passes under better control, but the run defense has become more vulnerable.

There are other factors involved, including problems on offense. And I do recall Boulware being on the field, and being taken out of the play, on the 31-yard run by the Broncos. But in the big picture, we might think of it this way: Boulware is a former linebacker, while Babineaux is a former cornerback. In some ways, replacing Boulware with Babineaux almost turns the Seahawks' base defense into a nickel defense.