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Revisiting the picks

12 25 2006 Picks Revisited Week 16.jpgMy wife makes a mean Christmas dinner. She showed no mercy taking the Jets to beat the Dolphins tonight. That game broke a tie in our weekly picks, which have been a challenge, to say the least.

I can't recall a season filled with more 7-9/8-8/9-7 weeks. As Marty Schottenheimer noted last week, the league is set up for every team to go 8-8. It feels that way some weeks. I went into last week picking the Bengals and Cardinals to win their matchups. Then I changed those picks, going with the Broncos and 49ers. It was 1-1 either way. That's about how it's going.

We'll have our Week 17 picks Thursday, probably. The chart at right shows how we picked them in Week 16. Red typeface shows the ones we missed.

I'd like to thank the Bengals for missing that PAT, but what were the Dolphins thinking on defense late in that loss to the Jets? It was just a great catch-and-run by Leon Washington. That initial move he made put the Dolphins in a tough spot.