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Pencil in Giants as sixth seed

The plan last night had been to watch the Giants-Redskins game, except that it was on NFL Network, which means 12 people saw the game live on television. I wasn't one of them because the hotel's channel lineup includes USA Network, PBS and Cartoon Netowrk, but not the league's network. ESPN did have a classic boxing marathon, though, so I watched the Thrilla in Manila for about the 50th time. My favorite part is at the end, when Ferdinand Marcos presents Muhammad Ali with a trophy. Marcos quips that he had bet on Ali at 2-1 odds. Ali, bigger in life than world leaders, hits him back in stride with, "Although you don't need the money."

In any event, the Giants have all but clinched the sixth spot in the NFC playoff race. That becomes official if Detroit loses at Dallas, or if Minnesota loses to the Rams, or if two of the following things happen: Arizona loses, Miami loses, San Francisco loses, Carolina wins, Houston wins, Tampa Bay wins.

That means the top six teams in the NFC are pretty much set. Now we just need to see which team will visit Seattle as the fifth seed. The Cowboys are coming to Seattle if the Eagles win or the Cowboys lose. The Eagles are coming to Seattle if they lose and the Cowboys win.