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More long snapping

Practice just ended a while ago. And maybe you've had enough about the Seahawks long snapping situation but this interview with Jared Retkofsky is too good not to share.

He said he was working on a ranch outside of Fort Worth, Texas. "The day before I got called by the Seahawks, I got pooped on by a cow," he said.

Retkofsky, who was actually in training camp with the Steelers, got called by the Seahawks on Monday but didn't get the message until late because he was at a middle school football game. "I got the call at 7:30 and I was on the plane at 9," he said. "They said go straight to the airport and let your wife over-night your clothes."

He said he kept his snapping skills sharp by practice three times a week or so either by himself or with his wife Briana.

"She was back there trying to catch the ball with a duffle bag because she couldn't catch it with her hands," he said.