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Sean Payton press conference highlights

Here are few highlight of the press conference with New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton:

On the Saints' 0-4 start: "We've done some of the things that are fairly typical when you're losing games: We're struggling with ball security, the turnovers have hurt us on both sides of the ball."

On Reggie Bush stepping into a full-time role at running back: "I just think you have got to monitor how many (touches he gets). He is not someone I want to handle the ball 30, 35 times in a game. I do see him as a first and second down player."

On missing Deuce McAllister, who's out with a season-ending knee injury: "Aaron Stecker and Pierre Thomas are some guys that will get more involved than would have normally. We don't have the luxury, and we don't have the three or four weeks to sort through things. There has to be a sense of urgency to do a better job offensively."