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Friday's practice

The Seahawks practiced outside again, for about 90 minutes, going through all their different stuff in preparation for Sunday's game against New Orleans.

Marcus Pollard practiced, though he looked gimpy. He said he felt about 70 percent, but said he should get 10 percent better by Sunday and then adrenaline will give him an additional 10 percent, so he figured 90 percent. He said he planned on playing unless the coaches looked at the tape and felt he was too hindered by the knee. I also asked him about being an inconsistent part of the passing game, and he said he is just trying to be patient and take advantage of his opportunities when they come. He said he realizes there are a lot of weapons on this team and he will not always have the ball come his way.

Josh Wilson also practiced, saying afterward he would have played last week if the coaches had let him. He said he doesn't know yet if he will be given the go-ahead to play Sunday, though he hopes he will. It didn't sound as if he would be returning kickoffs though if he does play. I think that falls to Ben Obomanu.

Speaking of Obomanu, here is a link to the story I wrote on him in today's paper. If you have the time, you should read it. It's about growing up in Selma, Alabama, one of the seats of the Civil Rights Movement. It gives some insights into the young man, who has been very good in my dealings with him. He has an interesting background.

Where Brian Russell was fantastic yesterday, today that fell to Marcus Trufant. He had two interceptions in goal line situations on Friday, and broke up another two plays with some deft defense.

With John Madden standing on the sideline watching practice, I thought Matt Hasselbeck looked crisp and easy. Everything was smooth. He didn't appear to be pressing to make up for last week.

Shaun Alexander stood off to the side a few times playing catch with Charlie Frye, which I think is a pretty good sign that Alexander's wrist is feeling better. It also dawned on me today that Frye bears a strong resemblance to the actor Gary Oldman. Now that is quality reporting right there.