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Quotes -- Patrick Kerney, Brian Russell, Marcus Trufant, Ben Obomanu

DE Patrick Kerney

(On the teams recent struggles…) "There is nothing I can put my finger on, you got to be able to come back from losses in this league, it's hard to go 16-0 so at some point you just have to handle it, and rebound, better than we did this week.

(On the Saints offensive success…) "They have been a good offense this year, they have just turned the ball over a lot, and we, as a defense, needed to get the ball more from them. That's pretty much the answer, they've got the weapons, we knew that coming into the game, it's an offense with a lot of potential, and they showed it."

S Brian Russell

(On the defensive performance…) "I haven't seen the film, and I can't remember each third down, each exact play and the coverage it goes with. Obviously if you're not getting off the field you are giving a guy like Drew Brees and a guy like Reggie Bush more opportunities, that' exactly what we don't want. Execution on our part is the key there."

(On the defense…) "Well it goes hand in hand, we need to cover guys tighter, make them check down, and obviously we want to put as much pressure as we can on a guy like that, because when he is feeling comfortable he executes well. So I think in all phases, in our deep zones and our underneath zones, and putting pressure on him, as a defense we need to play all three of those phases better."

CB Marcus Trufant

(On losing two in a row…) "It's hard to say, I know guys are frustrated, but at the same time we've got a veteran team, and we know how good we can be, and we know what we've got to fix. So it just comes down to us doing it, getting it fixed, and coming out and playing better."

WR Ben Obomanu

(On losing two in a row…) "It has kind of snowballed, I guess like we always say, 'you have to stop the bleeding the best you can.' The biggest thing now is to make sure we win our next game, it's a division opponent next week, so just going back to the drawing board. We played a bit better than we did last week, we just put ourselves in a hole and that's hard to get out of."

(On Mack Strong raising the 12th man flag…) "It charged us up a lot, just knowing some of the things he went through this week, wanting to play the game, I was kind of dissappointed we didn't get a chance to present him with a game ball, do something special for him after the game. At the same time it was special, but, like I said, we put ourselves in a hole."

(On his play during the game…) "I played ok, of course you never think you played well when you end up losing the game, but I think I contributed a little bit, made some plays, and helped the offense out. But still there are some things I need to work on, timing and getting used to Matt (Hasselbeck) and sometimes how he changes some things in the game. I am pretty optimistic about what the future holds, that I continue to get better this week, and help us do better next week."

(On his touchdown…) "It was a pretty good play, I kind of figured the ball might have a good chance of coming, you always think that anyway, the coverage they gave us was a good chance for me to get the ball. Matt (Hasselbeck) made a good throw, it kind of died on me at the end a little bit, and I had go to the ground to make the catch. It was the coverage that we expected this week in practice."