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A call to arms by Holmgren

There was some discussion today about the advantage the Seahawks have at Qwest Field, and whether or not that is slipping. The talk then turned to the negative result of building up high expectations are vocal criticism -- boos -- when you don't do well. This was Holmgren's response to that:

"That one, I can't do much about. The emotion, the fan, winning and losing, I understand that. I've been in situations before where you build your team up to the point where you just weren't going to lose. You weren't expected to lose. And when you lost it was like, 'What happened?' It was just like, they couldn't understand it. I'd rather have high expecations, because the team has been good and are looking for something else, than have the other, than the alternative. I would just ask _ I felt this and I feel this way now _ if you play a good football game, play hard and lose, that's one thing. If you putz it around and fumble it around, have penalties, dropped passes and stuff, you deserve what you get. You deserve what you get. All I would tell the people is, just hang in there. Hang in there. I said it Monday, you can get mad at me for a while. But hang in there and be with me the next time we go out there _ for me and the players, the players mainly. I'm glad we have high expectations. That's what we wanted to build up here. And the fact that the fan comes expecting us to win and do well, that's a good thing. That's a good thing. Now we have to play up to that level."