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Rams coach Scott Linehan conference

Rams coach Scott Linehan finished his press conference a short time ago. A few highlights:

On the injuries the Rams have had

"You have to face the reality. The reality is the next guy steps in and you find a way to get a win. You can't sit here and say we have a free pass … this year because we are injured. We have to be competitive, and it's still early in the season."

On getting back into contention in the NFC West even though the Rams are 0-6:

"The leader in our division has three wins with 10 games to go. If we can start adding some of those guys back, and the guys who stepped in play a little better and we make the adjustments as coaches, good things can happen. I always believe that."

On quarterback Marc Bulger, who has missed the last two games, returning this week:

"That was pretty much the plan from the onset, to get him closer to 100 percent and pain free. He looks much more comfortable now. I don't think anybody plays their best football if they've got an injury. It's one thing if you've got bruised ribs or sore calf or something. But it starts to be compounded. He had that broken rib and he also had a pretty sore bruised knee that he got in our second game."

On coaching at Qwest Field for the first time last year (Linehan is a native of Sunnyside and has coached at UW and Central) and losing when the Seahawks scored 10 points in the fourth quarter:

"The result wasn't a lot of fun but I will always remember the first time. I will always remember going back to Washington; that's home. … It's always special for me to go back there."