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Bobby Engram interview

Do you find it ironic at all that the wide receivers were the deepest unit in camp and now they are the ones beat up and moving around? Not really ironic. It's just football. It's a tough sport. We have had a string of tough injuries, with Hack's ankle and Deion getting his foot caught on a play he has done 1,000 times. Just a little bad luck, something we need to fight through.

How hard is it to get a rhythm with so many guys coming in and out? I think it is tougher on Matt in terms of his comfort level because he has not played with them a lot. At the end of the day, I tell them it is just football. We are going to go out there and be prepared and know every position and help each other out and let's go out and play hard. That is all we can do is control what we can control.

How about you switching back between flanker and slot and being productive, and then knowing that you will probably get your time cut once the other guys are back? Is it difficult? Not for me. I just stay prepared. I feel like I could do that every week if given the opportunity. But I am a realist. I know we have other good receivers. We spread the ball around. That is the nature of the offense. But I feel like a starter. I view myself as a starter even when I don't start.

How is it going from flanker to slot? It helps. It helps because guys can't get a bead on you. They know the distance they can take to try to beat you on run angles, things like that. But when you are bouncing in and out it gives the defense a different look and they really can't get a bead on what you are doing.

How about in terms of preparation? It is just a little extra study time. Just a little more focus. I have to remind myself if I am Eagle I am E, Zebra I am zebra. I just see it as a challenge and it's a