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Linkage for October 19th, (Happy Hour edition)

Took a few days off to let the links pile up and overwhelm you on Friday with a mass of information to get you ready for the weekend. Perhaps the wind that hit the Sound blew away all of the bad vibes surrounding the Hawks scuffling offense.

Let's start with the News Tribune ... In today's Football Friday section, Frank wrote about who else? Shaun Alexander and his running style. I'm not going to lie, judging by what he says, I don't think Shaun really has an idea of what the problem is.

Dave's column from Thursday was about the Hawks losing their edge at Qwest Field.

Darren wrote a nice story on special teams with some funny quotes from Brandon Mebane. Here's the opponent box for the Rams.

AUDIO: Here's Dave's weekly show with Elise and Ian on KJR

Mike Sando writes about Shaun Alexander and his running style for

CNNSI's Don Banks thinks Mike Holmgren will retire at the end of the season.

Let's get to this week's opponent, the winless St. Louis Rams...

Apparently, Scott Linehan went on a little tirade at Thursday's practice.

Here's a look at all of the Rams injuries they've sustained this season.

Columnist Bryan Burwell asks "Could the Rams go 0-16?"

Columnist Jeff Gordon writes about head coach Scott Linehan and his assistants are maintaining a brave front in the face of the catastrophe of a season.

Marc Bulger will play on Sunday.

Here's another positive note for the Rams, their run defense has improved.

The Rams are so thin at receiver that they signed Travis Taylor.

Because the Rams have used so many new guys at receiver, they are forced to learn on the job. Tight end Dominque Byrd pleaded no contest to a DUI charge this week.

Here's a story on Isaac Bruce giving money to help build a football field.

Around the NFL ...

Here's Bill Simmons' weekly NFL picks.

CNNSI's Dr. Z is wondering where all the tough runners have gone, also he addresses Fox's new policy of not showing the starting lineups at the beginning of games.

He also takes on the shoddy announcing of games this season.

New York Post media critic Phil Mushnick offers up some ways to make Monday Night Football better.

Here's Gregg Easterbrook's TMQ column ...

Here's a sure sign that the Dolphins have given up on their season, trade your best receiver...

Here's an interesting piece on the evolution of linebackers by's Len Pasquarelli.

Being short isn't a problem according to the Eagles DBs.

A note to players, you better buckle your chinstraps or pay the price.

AFter being exposed for a non-tipper to pizza deliveries, Lions receiver Roy Williams spent the day delivering pizzas.

Another story on icing the kicker timeouts.

Tank Johnson is practicing with the Cowboys, but his suspension hasn't been cut.