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Changes Along the Offensive Line?

I asked Mike Holmgren if he planned on sticking with the personnel along the front or would he shake it up in an effort to get something out of the running game. His answer was noncommittal.

"We'll see," Holmgren said. "We are going to look at some different combinations this week and see how that works. Whether we do it in the game this week, we'll see."

The question, as Boling and I discussed, is if you make any changes what are the possible changes unless they bring somebody else in? With Sean Locklear sitting out, both Floyd Womack and Tom Ashworth got time at right tackle, but you don't want either of them in there for an extended period if you can help it. Ray Willis, the most obvious candidate for a chance, is hurt, so that option is not there. Mansfield Wrotto is a body, but that is, as Boling said, really radical.