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Linkage, November 7 (updated 1:57 p.m.)

Mike Holmgren jokes that the running game should be called 2 and a half yards and a cloud of dust in Darren's story from yesterday. I think two and a half may be stretching it a little for a team that can't get 18 inches on fourth down. Somebody tell Oregon stud tailback and Lacey, WA native Jonathan Stewart to come out early and come home soon. Or maybe Minnesota's Chester Taylor since he's been Wally Pipped in Minnesota. Maybe this guy, rated No. 1 on Mel Kiper's positional board. Nighthawk reports that Young is out for the season, so how about this guy. He's considered the best lineman in the country.

Anyway enough of my blatherings, let's get to this week's opponent, the San Francisco 49ers.

The Hawks can't run, but the Niners apparently can't pass. Even stranger, SF ran the ball better with Frank Gore on the sidelines.

Remember when the Niners were chic pick in the NFC West, now they are considered one of the worst teams in the NFL. Offensive lineman Jonas Jennings is done for the season.

From the San Jose Mercury News is a story about second-guessing the 2005 NFL draft and the Niners choices. This columnist specifically believes the Alex Smith choice is a mistake.

The Sacramento Bee has the 49ers midseason analysis report.

— Here's Niners head coach Mike Nolan's weekly radio show. Columnist Mark Purdy speaks about his column on Alex smith. Here's Santa Rosa Press Democrat Matt Maiocco offering his thoughts.

Let's go around the NFL ...

Here's is Peter King's Monday Morning QB for those who missed it.

Here's ESPN Page 2's Tuesday Morning QB, notice the paragraph about Hutch opening up a huge hole for Adrian Peterson. If you watch closely, Hutchinson and Bryan McKinnie give AP some truck sized holes to run through. It's enough to make a Hawks fan vomit in their mouth.