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Cleveland Browns player quotes

LB Andra Davis

(On the comeback) – "We never stopped. We are a team that always plays hard. We know we are always in the game with an offense like we have."

(On the fourth down play in overtime) – "It was a good call. The coaching staff has us well prepared. Our players do a great job of focusing in critical situations. We knew if we got that stop in overtime, we were going to score."

(On the offense) – "In my years here, we have been lucky to score 20 points in a game. Now we are scoring 30 points a game since DA [Derek Anderson] has been quarterback."

(On the win) – "It was very important. Depending on what happens tomorrow, we could be in a three-way tie for first place. We're carrying the momentum of a three game win streak into Pittsburgh and it is going to be a showdown."

QB Derek Anderson

(On the game winning drive) – "The defense had a great stop and gave us great field position. We ran the ball effectively and had a big screen play and let Phil [Dawson] kick it through."

(On his great numbers) – "It feels great and it is a lot better when you win games. Guys are enjoying it and working hard every week. We have a big one next week. We came out of here with a win and that is all that matters."

WR Joe Jurevicius

(On opponents defending the Browns offense) – "Definitely we are a better offensive team. The thing is that we are still making improvements. There are a couple things that I think we can do better. Fortunately, when plays need to be made, they are getting made. That is so important for an offense."

(On being a Cleveland Brown) – "First off, I will say the Seattle Seahawks are a first class organization, but I think I said a long time ago that I came home for a reason. What we are seeing from our fans and our football team, I made the right decision."

RB Jamal Lewis

(On the team's ability to battle back) – "We just stayed poised. We pulled together and calmed down. I think that was the answer to us coming back. It was not like in the past. We played this comeback game before against Cincinnati. Derek [Anderson] showed great poise and he did not panic."

(On scoring four touchdowns) – "It just feels great to know that the offensive coordinator calls your number when you get down in that area. The offensive line blocked great. They showed how great they were and how physical they were at the point of attack."

DB Sean Jones

(On the fourth down play) – "Coach [Crennel] called a good play. He had me coming off the edge and I hit him in the backfield. Fortunately, we got the spot we wanted and got off the field so the offense could go down and score. We needed to make that play and we did."

(On the game) – "There was a lot of pressure on our defense. Seattle is a great team. They played very well. The last two games, we played against teams that haven't won any games. This was a big test for us and we came up victorious. We are just going to keep building on this momentum we have and keep it moving. We gave up a lot of yards today, but we are 5-3 and we make stops when we need to."

TE Kellen Winslow

(On the game) – "Our defense stepped up. We have to be the best fourth-and-one team in the NFL. That shows a lot of guts. Everyone made a lot of big plays. Everyone has their roles. Today, my number was called. It was a total team effort."

(On getting behind early) – "We have to stop doing that. Great teams do not do that. We're a good team but we want to be great. To get where we want to go, we have to start faster and finish games."

K Phil Dawson

(On the game winning field goal) – "For it to happen here, these fans were unbelievable. Our team came back and our defense made a great stop in overtime. The offense moved it down to where it was a makeable kick on a day I wasn't kicking that well. I give all the credit to those guys. It's a great win for the city of Cleveland. You just try to stick to your routine. I have been kicking for a long time and just because you miss one, doesn't mean you forgot how. I just tried to go out there and pick a target. The guys did a great job of positioning the ball."

(On the win) – "We became a team today. We had glimpses of it in 2002. Our offense moves the ball at will and our defense makes stops. Special teams also played well. Either way, guys are feeding off of each other. "

LB Antwan Peek

(On the win) – "It was an all out team effort. Offensively, we did a great job capitalizing off our stops. It was a great effort by the defense doing what we need to do to get off the field."

(On the overtime) – "For guys to suck it up in the end, even after they had just scored, that was huge for us. The offense did a great job getting the ball down the field and making a field goal. We left it all out on the field."