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Seahawks on first down this year

With Mike Holmgren saying Shaun Alexander is out for this game with a sprained knee (I will list the Inactives when they are made official), it may not be the worst thing, especially on first down.

This season, Shaun 95 rushes on first down. He has 13 rushes this year on first down for 0 yards. Two for -1. Four for -2. Three for -3. One for -4. Which means that on one out of every four carries on first down, he is getting zero yardage or losing yards. That is 23 carries for zero or negative yards.

He has only four first-down rushes this season that have gone for longer than 10 yards.

Take it a step further, he has another 12 first-down runs for 1 yard. And eight for 2 yards.

43 carries for negative yards, zero or one or two yards. That is 45 percent of his carries on first down, and they leave the Seahawks in a bind.

Matt Hasselbeck, on the other hand, has passed on first down 106 times. 31 have been incompletions. One has been an interception.

Two have been sacks. But 23 of those passes have gone for 10 yards or more.

Mo Morris has 11 rushes on first down. Only one has been for negative yards, -3 against St. Louis, and only one has been for no yards. Every other run has resulted in positive yardage, including a 21-yarder against St. Louis.

With those kind of numbers, it's no wonder Mike Holmgren wants to start passing more.