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Time to Look Ahead

Mike Holmgren gave the Seahawks off today, and because it was a Monday night game Holmgren is wrapping his postgame press conference and his midweek press conference into one get-together on Wednesday afternoon, which means there will not be a lot coming out of Hawksville after last night's 24-0 victory.

The biggest question, of course, is this: Is there a RB controversy in Seattle?

With Maurice Morris running for 87 yards, it is more than Shaun Alexander has produced since the third week of the season, and more than the combination of two of any of his last four games. (Hope that doesn't make your head spin. Add together his yards from any two games in the past month and they don't get to 87 yards. He also has not had a TD since the second week of the season.) His yards per carry was 3.1, but even Mike Holmgren acknowledged that that was partially because the Niners knew as the clock was dwindling that Morris was going to get the ball. Interestingly, Holmgren was not overly complimentary of Morris, which makes me wonder if either he is heading this topic off at at the pass, or if he was upset about Morris' fumble, or if he really thought he was only average. Obviously, some of Morris' production came as a byproduct of the successful passing game loosening up the defense. Some of it came because the 49ers are just awful. But some of it too came because he is willing to lower his head and try to plow people. On that run from the 6 to the goalline, he tried to run through three people, something I have not seen Alexander do this entire season, goalline or no goalline. Of course, is it fair to judge Alexander against Morris in this situation when Alexander has not had the benefit of an offense that centers on the passing game? What I am asking is this: Would Alexander have had the same production last night if he had been in the game? This argument will be moot if Shaun does not come back this week, but if Morris continues to have success it will be a question that will need to be answered at some point. Just from seeing the fairness of Mike Holmgren in the short time I have been around him, my guess is that he would give Alexander the same opportunity to be successful in a similar setting that Morris had, and go from there. However, I do think that Morris gets more time simply because he can catch passes out of the backfield with aplomb, while we all know that that is not Alexander's forte. By the way, don't know how many of you noticed, but I thought Leonard Weaver did a great job of pass blocking. He had several nice pick-ups and I saw him stick with the block on several occasions. He also had another nice one-handed grab on a pass that was behind him. In any case, that is my initial morning-after diatribe of the obvious. Please keep in mind that Shaun, or those expressing an opinion about him, don't need to be belittled as this becomes a topic of conversation. Keep it to football.