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LB Julian Peterson

(On the shutout win…) "It was good. We worked very hard on defense trying to get a shutout. It's pretty much a dream thing for the defense, and I thought we did a good job doing it. They gave us a couple of scares, they got in the red-zone and threated us a couple of times, they went a couple of times on fourth down. It just shows the courage of our defense, everybody just playing their position. Nobody made a lot of spectacular plays, everybody just did their job. If everybody can do their job you get results like this, and I'm satisfied with that zero on the board."

(On his sack…) "I know that one particular play we called a good blitz call coverage was great. Actually, that's what gave us the extra time just to get in there and get my hands around him. The coverage did help with that one, so I appreciate my DBs."

(On playing at Qwest field…) "When you get the 12th Man behind you, you see them out there getting everybody false starts. I think one time they had the ball out on the 30 and they went all the back to the 15 or 10. When you have a crowd like that behind you it makes it a lot easier. If we can get the crowd into it like that and get a couple of penalties, making it first-and-20 or first-and-25, we can do some good things on defense."

DE Patrick Kerney

(On the shutout win…) "Yeah it was great for our defensive ratings and whatnot, but you'll just take a win in this league. It's so hard to get them, especially against a team that has a lot of weapons offensively like they do. It was a lot of fun."

(On the defensive performance…) "Well, we were able to come out with a lot of emotion. These guys got us twice last year, got Seattle twice last year. So this team has a lot of respect for them and knows the dangers they present. So I think we were able to come out with a lot of emtion in both games."

(On pressuring the quarterback…) "I think with any quarterback it's important to get them early. If they get into a rhythm, they get comfortable. I think any quarterback can get real dangerous at that point. He (Alex Smith) has the physical abilities to do a good job against you if you don't rattle him."

(On the 12th Man…) "They're absolutely awesome! I think we had two or three more false starts from them. Our fans are leading the league by a mile, so I love the courage in them. They're doing a great job."

LB Lofa Tatupu

(On inconsistent play…) "Inconsistency? We're just Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and it's got to end. I'd love to say it's over now but it's just been up and down every other game. So you got to keep pushing, we put four quarters together tonight, it wasn't always pretty, at times they were threatening. Guys came out and said they said 'they're not going to score' and we put our mind to it and I think it was shown that everybody was read to go, wants to play, wants to get after them, we've done some great things. But when we're just kind of out there, and our offense puts some points on the board, some people get complacent and it's going to show. We'll get some plays and that's the way the game goes, you've got to be there for every minute of it, you can't take it for granted."

(On playing one game at a tim…) "Absolutely, I think


(on his play today… ) It always feels good to go out there and get some catches under your belt. This week we knew that they would be keying on Bobby after the week that he had last week, so we knew that a lot of other people would be open.

(on whether San Francisco was doing anything unusual coverage wise…) I think their main focus after Bobby had so many catches last week was stopping him, so that left us with a lot of one on one or some good matchups, which is why Nate and I both had quite a few catches. It definitely gets you excited. We have a lot of people here that can play football.


(On the first rushing touchdown in 7 games for the Seahawks…) It sounds unreal based on the 27 touchdowns that we are used to, but the most important thing is that we got something going, and the main thing is to keep it up.

(On his play today…) It is always good to go out there and get some carries and to help the team come out with a victory. It's a plus.

(On the blocking today…) We kind of spread the field, so it helped the defense play a little softer, instead of sticking 8 men in the box. It helped out a lot.

(On the crowd…) They are the best fans in the world. They are loud. They are quiet when our offense is on the field, but they get rowdy when the defense is out there. That is what we need.