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Wednesday postpractice

Shaun Alexander, Walter Jones, Leroy Hill, CJ Wallace, Rocky Bernard and Will Herring all sat out practice. As I mentioned in the earlier post, Shaun and Hill are not scheduled to go til Friday. Walter and Rocky are both precautions, I think, because, as Holmgren said earlier in the day, he wants to have them ready on Sunday.

Deion Branch looked like he was moving pretty well out there, running with the first team. He dropped one pass toward the end of practice, but that was it. Otherwise, he looked like he was ready to be back.

OL Ray Willis also practice, though he was wearing a bulky knee brace that made me think he was not ready to return. He was moving very slowly with the brace on.

Marcus Pollard practiced with the first team, rotating with Will Heller. He looked like he was moving OK, as well.

We spoke with offensive coordinator Gil Haskell after practice, and he acknowledged that they have not completely figured out how to work the whole Mo-Shaun dynamic. For some reason, I get the sense that the topic is so tricky that they don't really know what to say. Perhaps they don't want to give away something, which is understandable, but it seems like it is a little more than that. We'll see. It is definitely something that they are knocking around.

Interestingly, Kelly Jennings played in the same defensive backfield as Devin Hester at Miami. He said he has seen plenty of times where Hester changes the momentum of a game in just one play.

Special teams coach Bruce DeHaven said the hard thing about being a special teams coach is that you are not judged by your overall play, but by your worst play. He said they had almost as many penalties on Monday Night as they have had the rest of the season combined.