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Mike Holmgen press conference highlights

Mike Holmgren said that Deion Branch should be back this week, though he will practice all week to determine if he has the proper ability to explode off his sprained foot.

Shaun Alexander and Leroy Hill are not scheduled to practice until Friday, at which point a determination will be made on their status for Sunday's game. Holmgren said he has not entirely figured out how to handle the whole Mo-Shaun dilemma. He said what he would like to do is find a way to play both, though that raises the problem of tipping off opponents about an upcoming play if Shaun is in there for running plays and Mo is in for passing plays. Holmgren acknowledges the issue and said he is attempting to work out a way to avoid it, sometimes by intentionally calling plays that go against his tendencies.

He said he really gave it to the special teams this morning, and would have liked to have attended the practice, which would have been unusual. He had to meet with the media, which prevented that, but it sounds like he gave them a good tongue-lashing. He was unhappy that Nate Burleson keeps breaking the rule about catching the ball inside the 10; he was not happy with the snapping; not happy with the penalties. He talked a great deal about the importance of impressing upon the players the need to realize that special teams is truly 1/3 of the team, rather than a red-headed step-child.

He said he is very reluctant to kick to Devin Hester, and is sure that Bruce DeHaven will design something to avoid giving Hester opportunities. At least he hopes.

He said he thought both Mo Morris and Leonard Weaver did a good job picking up blitzes in the game.

Those were the highlights. I'll post some specific quotes better, including a couple anecdotes Holmgren relayed.