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Halftime wrapup

The Seahawks are tied at halftime, 17-17, in a game that is hotly contested between two teams with similar records. They look pretty evenly matched. The Seahawks started off poorly, allowing the Bears to start the game at midfield and then allowing Cedric Benson to rumble for a 43-yard touchdown. Josh Brown missed a field goal, giving the Bears good field position again, and when Craig Terrill had a roughing the passer penalty, it enabled the Bears to take a 10-0 lead. To their credit, the Seahawks came right back, drove the length of the field and Hasselbeck connected with DJ Hackett for 10-7. Mo Morris seems to be making Shaun Alexander an afterthought, going 19 yards for Seattle's second TD and a 14-10 lead. Chicago came back on a sustained drive, Adrian Peterson going in from 5 out for 17-14. And Josh Brown just kicked a 40-yard field goal to tie the game at 17, though that should have been an extra point because Hackett dropped what should have been his second touchdown. The pass rush needs to get better in the second half, as does the defense of the underneath pass. Rex Grossman actually looks pretty good. Chicago's run game also is strong, though Seattle's front tightened up in the second quarter. Matt Hasselbeck's injury could play a factor in the second half, though he looked pretty good on that final drive. Hopefully home field advantage is enough to push the Seahawks past the Bears in the final two quarters.