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Another amusing Mike Holmgren anecdote

One of the interesting parts about Mike Holmgren's press conferences is that he usually regales the assembled media with some sort of story that is germaine to the question he is answering. Last week it was the Mel Gray story about kickoff returns. This week, while discussing the shotgun, this was what he gave us:

"When I was with the 49ers, Coach (Bill) Walsh didn't run the shotgun there, with Joe Montana and those guys. We had a mini-camp and he went and visited somebody, or saw something the rest of the league was doing it. So he goes, 'Ok, I want us to work on the shotgun within our off-season'. We had mini-camps that were shotgun mini-camps, and it was my job to develop the footwork to coincide with our 3, 5, and 7 step drops from the center for the shotgun, make them the same somehow. So I worked hard on that, I worked really hard on that, and we had this mini-camp, we do all the things, we got it down, the quarterbacks like it ok, our timing is pretty good, we don't have to change a lot of our routes. First shotgun snap of the regular season, our center snapped it right over (Joe) Montana's head. That was it. So four months of my life, down the drain, over."