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Rex Grossman postgame quotes


(On the day overall…) " It was a tough loss. We got an early lead on them and made a lot of good plays but we didn't score enough points in the second half. For whatever reason we didn't finish our drives in the second half and that came back to bite us."

(On the late second half fumble…) "We had a shot to go deep on that play, they got out of there and did a good job of covering it. I got out of there and saw a crease and I was trying to run into it and either throw the ball to Adrian Peterson or run it. There was a defender in between us and at that point a guy from the backside came and knocked it out. It was a big play in the game."

(On Cedric Benson starting strong but not getting many carries in the second half…) "I am not sure. I am not the person to ask."

(On the Seahawks blitzes…) "They had some pretty good blitz schemes. Technically we were picked up on most of them but they do a good job of whipping guys around. A couple of times I held onto the ball a little bit in order to make a play and that is kind of what you have to do in order to make a play and push the ball down the field and they kind of got to me. In our crucial situations, when they fumbled we had an opportunity to score some points and we went four and out and that was another pivotal series in the game that we all wished we had back."

(On the offenses inability to sustain drives…) "No not exactly I will have to watch the tape to give you a good answer on that. The bottom line is you have to finish drives especially in the second half in order to win these tough road games against a good team."

(On if the goal for this season remains a championship…) "No doubt we are competing for a championship. We have six losses which is bad at this point but by no means are we out of it. We feel like we have two games coming up, we play one game at a time but we have two games coming up and we are not out of it until someone tells us that we are out of it."

(On Cedric Benson…) "Yeah he did great. Our offensive line did a great job of letting him get up to the secondary pretty clean. He made a great cut on that first drive and he beat the free safety with speed. He has that capability and we just have to keep feeding him."

(On his performance…) "I would like to watch the tape. At this point I have too many things running through my head to pinpoint anything exactly. I thought that we played pretty well the biggest frustration about this game is that we had our chances to win it against a pretty good team in a hostile environment.