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Lovie Smith postgame quotes


(Thoughts on the game…) "Disappointing loss. To come out with a ten-point lead on the road is definitely a good start. We felt that we needed to get off to a good start to get the fans out of it and all of that. We weren't able to hold the lead. We made some critical mistakes. Penalties you know really hurt us. We talk a lot about getting takeaways. We weren't able to get enough today with it.

Offensively I thought we did some good things. I thought that Cedric Benson ran the ball well. I thought we had gotten pretty good play from our quarterback position. Offensively I thought besides the couple of the critical mistakes, fumbling the ball, I thought we did enough, even after the start, to at least keep us in the game, which it did.

(We) Defensively (allowed) to many passing yards. We were able to get decent pressure, but we weren't able to keep the quarterback inside of the pocket enough. So it's just disappointing. Special team wise, just before the half, kicking the ball out of bounds. We had a penalty on the special teams to. So we really didn't do enough in any of the three fazes to win the game.

We were in a hole before we got here. Now with six losses, we said that the tournament had started before now. But the reality is that we are still in it. We need to pretty much run the table from here. Ten wins normally gets you in. So that's where we are. We'll go back, hit the practice field and try and get ready for Denver."

(On Cedric Benson not getting a lot of rushes the first two big plays of the game…) "How do I explain it. We probably should have given him the ball a little bit more. I can't really complain about what we did offensively. We kept ourselves in the game. You know if you keep running the ball, they will eventually stop that.

I thought offensively there was a pretty good mix. We had planned on playing Adrian (Peterson) a little bit and we were able to do that. I like the way that we started. But I still like what we did offensively."

(Based on his play today will Rex (Grossman) be able to keep his job…)Well it is week to week and I won't make any statements about that right now. But I was definitely pleased with how Rex played. I thought he at the quarterback position gave us a chance to win. That fumble that they (Seattle) were able to get, stripping the ball, was big on there part. But Rex did a good job today. "

(On Chicago wide receivers making plays…) "Moose (Muhsin Muhammad), I should have mentioned Moose. Moose, as we had Rex playing well, he had to throw the ball to someone. I thought our receivers Moose and Bernard (Berrian), of course that was a great catch there at the end, to try and keep us in it. I thought that Greg Olsen made some good catches. It was a offensive game. On the other side, I thought that Hasselback had a heck of a game. They hit to many passes on us, especially that long one there, late."

(Did you mix up the coverages on defense…) "We always try and mix up the coverages, believe it or not."

(What do you think the main problem was today…) "When you give up over three hundred yards passing. You don't like that. We would have been able to like to have sacked him (Hasselbeck) a few more times. We are still looking for a bunch of interceptions to come our way. So I would say all of those things."

(Was there ever a doubt that you were not going to run the ball on fourth down…) "No, on the road, we were a touchdown down. I felt like we needed to stay close with them. We will go for that always."

(Seattle passed on their fourth down play, you guys ran on fourth down- was that because of the crowd…) "No, were a running team in that situation. With fourth and less than a yard, if you say that you're a running football team, you need to be able to get it. And their (Seattle) a passing team, fourth and short for them, they went for the pass. A good play on their part. They executed it and we didn't."